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Can all of your website users read your website content?

Add speech and reading support tools for your website with Browse Aloud.

Why Choose Browse Aloud?

Online tools lower your cost to communicate important information to your audience. A study by PriceWaterhouseCoopers showed that online communication costs local government just 8p per person compared to £10.53 for face-to-face interactions.

BrowseAloud will help you ensure that these costs remain low and that your website becomes accessible for those that need reading support. These may be people with:



Visual impairments


Literacy difficulties


English as a second language


BrowseAloud is the leading online reading support software used by a wide variety of clients to:

Reach a wider audience

Reduce communications cost

Break online barriers

Stay in line with legal obligations

Work towards the governments goal of digital inclusion for all

Works on all major browsers and devices

What are the facts?


of the people in the UK have dyslexia to some degree


people in England and Wales are reported to have English as a second language


disabled people in the UK experienced difficulties accessing goods and services in the last 12 months


people in the UK have significant visual impairment

How can BrowseAloud help?

Unlike other solutions BrowseAloud works directly in the browser helping empower your audience. The solution itself is easy to integrate and can be up and running on your website in minutes.


BrowseAloud offers you and your website users a number of features including:


Your website content will be read out loud so the user can hear what's on the page. BrowseAloud can read test content, PDFs, secure pages, form fields and more.


BrowseAloud now has 35 voices that can read content in different languages and supports text only translations in a further 43 languages.

Text magnification

The text content will appear in large font across the toppages allowing those with mild visual impairments to read along with BrowseAloud.

MP3 creator

Turn your web pages into audio files with the MP3 creator. Allowing your users to listen back to your content at a later time.

Screen masks

Remove some of the distractions from the web pages, the screen mask allows the user to focus on a particular section of your content.

Web page simplifier

This unique feature gives the user some traditional contrast and text side accessibility tools while removing potential distraction such as the design and images.


BrowseAloud gives the power to the user, allowing them to set the voice, speed and more. By creating an account these settings can be carried across all BrowseAloud enabled websites.

Usage statistics

BrowseAloud will be able to tell you how often the panel has been launched and which features or languages are proving to be most popular with your users.

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