Responsive design and website development 


To launch a series of responsive websites that reflect AGA Rangemaster Group's brands and products and create templates from which international sites could be developed quickly.


For a project of this scope, having to create a consistent look and feel for the different websites of the group was definitely a challenge.

Our design team have risen to the challenge and created two different templates, one for AGA Living and one for Rangemaster, that would then be the starting point for all the other export websites.

Luckily, there was some flexibility regarding the brand guidelines and the team got to experiment with various colours and styles, to represent each of the brands personalities.

One of the main goals of the design brief was to make all the websites responsive, so users will enjoy a great experience browsing and shopping, no matter the type of device they are using.  One of the requirements was to make the sites responsive in IE7, a known “headache-inducing” browser.

For a brand like AGA, imagery is one of the most important parts of forming a website narrative. We were lucky that AGA had a great library of images we could use to draw your eye to the key content and calls to action.

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To achieve our brief’s goals of promoting the AGA brand, lifestyle and products and push more people into the AGA showrooms, our studio designers created a clean, responsive design with a modern look and feel.  Next, it was the lab team's turn to add key functionality that would support the fresh design.

Due to the high volume of products that the AGA group has to offer we needed to come up with a practical solution to upload each product. 

Therefore, we created a data tool that serves as a product repository for AGA and the associated brands. The users can select from the data tool what content will be displayed on each site or multiple sites.

The concept of the data tool focuses on easing the lives of content editors by allowing them to define their own default fields for various types of products.

Also, the data tool allows resellers to display the product data on their websites. Each reseller will have their own access, allowing for the usage to be logged and reported.

The ‘share location’ option on the website points you the closest store. If you’re looking for a particular store, you can complete a traditional search by entering a town name or postcode. If you are looking to buy a particular AGA Cooker or Stove, the website has a product locator which will point you to the nearest showroom that has the desired product in stock. 

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