Website redesign and Umbraco 7 development


QA Apprenticeships required a new responsive web design with a refreshed look and feel  that would facilitate their audience to find apprenticeships quicker and easier.


One of the main goals of the design process was to make the entire site responsive and accessible from a mobile device. The homepage was particularly challenging as it was content-heavy which resulted in a long scrolling page and the key areas, such as vacancies were hard to reach. 

The solution was to create a separate template just for the homepage, and use adaptive design principles.  This allows mobile users to navigate efficiently to find the latest vacancies, employer information and more by condensing the content. The main site can still be accessed from the mobile device but it will not react responsively. 

Adaptive design is recommended whenever a page needs to be designed for a certain number of viewports. The advantage is that you can use the device-specific features and serve the website, based on that information, without risking the content structure.  

In addition, the look and feel of the site were refreshed to make it more modern and contemporary and more in-line with the main QA site, using the same colour palette of white and blue. 

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The QA Apprenticeships site was completely rebuilt in Umbraco 7 for a more intuitive and flexible back-end user interface.

Umbraco 7 was the key choice because it allowed us to index jobs through daily synchronisation with the main QA site, rather than displaying them from a feed. Having indexable jobs is beneficial for SEO purposes but also for faceted search, which limits the number of clicks for users and making content easier to find.  

With this new redesign, QA Apprenticeships required a site that would be in line with other job sites. Therefore, we made it easier for the user to search for their desired role by using filter functionality. QAA also has the option to promote particular jobs through the “Job of the week” and “Featured Jobs “functionalities.

We have also introduced new features such as a blog with tagging functionality, for QAA to engage with their audience or location-specific landing pages in promoting apprenticeships in certain regions.  

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